Business Techno: The Game

Have you dreamed about your own club in Berlin? What about an estate in Ibiza? Would you like a private jet to fly to every techno-gig of yours? These wildest dreams have never been closer!

Business Techno: The Game is a gateway to fame and the magical world of Techno-Influencers, where nothing is impossible, including total disaster and tremendous success.

The road leading to your own Techno Empire is not a path strewn with roses. You’ll have to take many risks to rise to the top. Roll the dice and see what fate brings! Open yourself up to the healing powers of Techno Fairy, but remember that Techno Curse has never been more real!

Business Techno: The Game is pure fun and entertainment. Be warned, however – this is only the surface. The message of the game comes from the depths.

That's why we're inviting you to the world of Business Techno: The Game, which is not only a form of entertainment, but also a commentary on the existing reality of techno scene.

In Business Techno: The Game , your task is to transfer the reality of the real world into the universe of the game. All to build a Techno Empire based on collecting followers, expanding your reach and releasing tons of content into the world. It's a simulation of reality. It's laughter through tears.

Techno Coinem zapłacisz za followersów, od których zależy Twoje Techno Imperium.

Techno Coin is also the currency to pay for the social media reach of your Techno Empire.

Techno Coin will also buy content, so that followers can adore you and bring you fame, leading to status of Techno-Influencer.

Shine like a diamond!
Sound familiar?

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Business Techno: The Game

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